Teammo's software is free to use for teams and clubs – there are no setup fees or monthly fees. Fees are only charged to team members when they make a payment.

When you make payments to your league or association for match fees and forfeits, you are not charged any fees on top of what your association is requesting.

If you want to use Teammo to collect money from your team members

We charge a 3.9% transaction fee per payment made through Teammo. This 3.9% fee is charged in addition to the payment amount you request from your team members. This means you are never out-of-pocket as a team manager or club – you will always receive the full amount you request.

For example:
As a team manager, you request $10.00 from each team member. They pay $10.39. You receive $10.00 from each player, deposited to your bank account.

Why do we charge a fee? 

To cover payment processing costs and ensure we are able to maintain an easy-to-use, quick and secure platform for you and your team members.

Our platform comes with handy features, including; keeping track of who has paid and who hasn't and sending reminders to those that haven't paid. For more details on benefits for your team, visit

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