When you create a Teammo account for your team, you are required to enter a verification code. This is to ensure your account is secure.

Your verification code will be sent to the email address used to create your Teammo account. Verification codes are sent from verify@teammo.com.au, so keep an eye out for this email address in your email inbox.

If you have not received a code, please check the following:

  • You entered the correct email address

  • Your email spam folder

  • If using Gmail, check your 'Promotions' tab in your email inbox

If you already have a Teammo account, you will unable to progress past Step 2 of the sign up process. If you think you have a Teammo account, you can log in here. You can also reset your password if you have forgotten it.

If you still haven't received your code, please contact support@teammo.com.au and we will help you.

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