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Welcome to Teammo
Welcome to Teammo πŸ‘‹
Welcome to Teammo πŸ‘‹
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Welcome! We're here to show you around Teammo.

Your association has partnered with Teammo to provide an easier way to collect and manage payments throughout the season. Using Teammo, you can manage payments with your association (match fees, forfeits/walkovers). You also have the option to use tools to manage payments from your team members.

Below are shortcuts on how to set up and use your Teammo account:

✍️ Sign up & connect to your association

To start, you need to create a Teammo account. It should only take a minute. Only one person from your team needs to have an account.

Here are the steps you'll see when you create your account:

  1. Enter your team name (this can be edited after signing up)

  2. Enter your email, name, mobile number, and create a password

  3. Enter the verification code (sent to your email)

  4. Connect to your association by finding your teams in the drop down menus

It's as easy as that πŸŽ‰ Now, you can make payments to your association. All match payments are linked to your fixture, so you know what you're paying for.

❗️Can't see your team in the dropdown menu? Not to worry! You're not doing anything wrong. This is usually due to data not being ready. Let us know and we can follow it up for you. You can skip the connection step for now and connect at a later date.

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Multiple people from your team can create a Teammo account. Some teams do this if they take turns in paying match fees each week.

πŸ™‹ Now I have an account, what do I use Teammo for?

Teammo has been designed to provide convenience and flexibility to teams. You will primarily use Teammo to manage payments with your association:

  1. Paying match fees

  2. Lodging and paying for forfeits/walkovers (when needed)

❗️There are no transaction fees incurred on any payments you make to your association. For example, if your match fee is $70.00, you will only pay $70.00 via Teammo.

πŸ’³ How do I pay for a match?

  1. From the Dashboard or Matches page in your Teammo account, you can see upcoming matches to pay for.

  2. Select the 'Pay Now' button of the match you want to pay for.

  3. Follow the prompts to finalise your payment. You only pay your match fee – there are no transaction fees.

  4. All done! Your payment has been received by your association. They can see your payment on their dashboard.

πŸ›‘ How does the forfeit / walkover process work

In the event your team is unable to play, Teammo has an automated solution to manage the forfeit process. This streamlines the process for teams and your association.

➑️ Need to lodge a forfeit?

  1. From the Dashboard or Matches page in your Teammo account, you can see upcoming matches.

  2. Select the 'Submit Forfeit' button of the match you need to forfeit.

  3. Follow the prompts to finalise your payment. There are no transaction fees.

  4. All done! Your association will be automatically notified. Your team contact and the opposition team will receive an SMS to inform of the forfeit.

If you have already paid for your match, this payment will be automatically transferred to your next unpaid match. If there are no more matches remaining (e.g. end of season), a refund will be organised. You don't need to do anything for this.

➑️ What happens if the other team lodges a forfeit?

The great thing about Teammo is that your team contact will be notified by SMS as soon as the forfeit is lodged. Fast communications to minimise the inconvenience to your team.

Who is your team contact? Whoever is the nominated team contact/manager in your competition management platform - i.e. the platform you registered with.

❗️What if my team already paid for the match? You don't need to do anything. Teammo automatically transfers any match payments that have been made when a forfeit is lodged. You'll see

πŸ’° Collect money from your team members

Find yourself chasing team members for money each season? Teammo makes it easy for your team members to send you money. Saving you time and the headache of knowing who has paid, and who hasn't.

Using Teammo, you can collect and track money from your team members. This is completely optional. If you prefer to collect money another way (outside of Teammo), you can continue to do that.

➑️ Why manage payments from your team members in Teammo?

  • Don't be left out of pocket for any of your team's expenses (match fees, registration, uniforms, gifts, end of season celebrations etc)

  • Save time by keeping your team's financials in the one place.

  • Avoid awkward money conversations as Teammo sends SMS on your behalf.

  • Tools that make it simple to keep track of payments.

  • It's super simple for team members to use. They don't need a Teammo account. They simply make payments via the SMS they receive from Teammo.

➑️ It's simple to use. Here's how it works:

Read this article for the detailed steps on setting up a payment request.

➑️ How do team members make payments to me?

  • When you send a payment request, your selected team members will receive an SMS from Teammo.

  • If it is their first payment to you, they simply click on the link in the SMS, and enter their debit or credit card details to pay.

  • Once paid, your Teammo account will be updated to show the payment.

  • You will receive the funds to your nominated bank account in 1-3 business days.

  • For all future payment requests, your team members will be able to pay via text message. It's as simple as replying with the 3-digit code. See screenshot below for an example of what this looks like:

❗️Are there any fees involved when requesting money from team members?
​There is a small transaction fee when a payment is made. This is paid by the team member. The transaction fee is 1.9% + $0.20.

For example, if you request $20.00, the team member will pay $0.58 on top ($20.58 in total). As a team manager, you are not charged any fees - you always receive the full amount you request.

πŸŽ‰ Ready to get started?

You can access Teammo from any web browser, or download the Teammo app.

If you have any questions or issues, please email Teammo via Alternatively, chat to us online via the chat icon in the bottom right corner (look out for the icon below).

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