Import a CSV file of your organisation data to get started quickly with Teammo.

  1. Export your data from existing systems
  2. Ensure you have the all the required data in a CSV formatted file
  3. Load the CSV file into Teammo

Required Data

  • Team Name
  • Contact Full Name
  • Contact Mobile
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Unique Code
  • Competition Name
  • Season Name
  • Team Code

Optional Data

  • Contact 2 Full Name
  • Contact 2 Mobile
  • Contact 2 Email
  • Contact 2 Unique Code

Example file

Below is a snippet of a simple CSV.

Team Name,Contact Person,Mobile,Email,Contact Code,Contact 2 Name,Contact 2 Mobile,Contact 2 Email,Contact 2 Code,Competition Name,Season,Team Code
"#Squad (Black)","Sammy Smith","0456785678","","12345","Murphy Jones","0412341234","","12346","Winter Women Section 4","Winter 2019","12341234"

This file can be downloaded here.

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