Import a CSV file of your organisation data to get started quickly with Teammo.

  1. Export your team data from your competition management system (e.g. SportsTG, PlayHQ, Fixi etc).

  2. Ensure you have the all the required data in a CSV formatted file

  3. Load the CSV file into Teammo by clicking the 'Run' button on the Connections page

Required Data

  • Team Name

  • Unique Team Code

  • Section / Division / Grade

  • Season

  • Primary Contact Full Name

  • Primary Contact Mobile

  • Primary Contact Email

  • Primary Contact Unique Code

Optional Data

  • Secondary Contact Full Name

  • Secondary Contact Mobile

  • Secondary Contact Email

  • Secondary Contact Unique Code

Example file

Below is an example of this data.

Team Name: Squad
Unique Team Code: 12341234
Section: Winter Women Section 2
Season: Winter 2019
Primary Contact Name: Sammy Smith
Primary Contact Mobile: 0491 570 159
Primary Contact Email:
Primary Contact Contact Code: 12345
Secondary Contact Name: Murphy Jones
Secondary Contact Mobile: 0491 570 158
Secondary Contact Email:
Secondary Contact Code: 34567

This file can be downloaded here.

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