To enable teams to make payments for matches and submit forfeits/walkovers, we need to import your fixture information into Teammo.

Once this is completed, payments will be created for each match and team. When a team creates an account and connects with your organisation, they will see upcoming match payments and be able to submit forfeits/walkovers.

This data can usually be exported from your competition management solution. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure or need assistance.

For each competition you run, we need a CSV file with the following data fields.

For example, you might have a Senior Competition and Junior Competition that have different fees. In this case, we will need a CSV file for each competition.

If you have a Wednesday Night Competition and Thursday Night Competition, but they have the same fees, we just require the one CSV file.

Required Data

  • Competition

  • Season

  • Section

  • Match ID

  • Round

  • Match Date & Time

  • Venue Name

  • Team 1 Name

  • Team 1 Code

  • Team 2 Name

  • Team 2 Code

Example file

Below is an example of this data.

Competition: Junior Domestic
Season: Summer 2020/21
Section: U14 Girls
Match ID: c125nyq6
Round Number: Round 1
Match Date & Time: 09/04/2020 4:00PM
Venue Name: Court 4
Team 1 Name: Cloud Flyers
Team 1 Code: rll7jrmo
Team 2 Name: Ready Run Goers
Team 2 Code: thb10yry

A sample CSV file can be downloaded here.

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