If your club or association is affiliated with Teammo, you can submit and pay for forfeits/walkovers in your Teammo account. Please contact us to find out if your club and/or association is affiliated.

Below is a short video demo of how to submit a forfeit/walkover in Teammo:

Step 1: Create an account with Teammo

Visit Teammo to create an account for your team. We recommend your team manager create the account.

  • Enter your team name and sport.

  • Enter your personal details (name, email, mobile number and password).

  • Check your email inbox for a verification code, as you will need to enter this to create your account.

  • Connect to your association by selecting from the dropdown menu options. This will enable you to pay for matches and submit forfeits/walkovers.

Step 2: Find your match and click Submit Forfeit

When you log in to your account, you will see a dashboard with upcoming matches. Find the game you need to forfeit/walkover and click the Submit Forfeit button. If you can't find the match you're looking for, try looking for it on this page: https://app.teammo.com.au/list-payments.

Screenshot of match card in Teammo, where you can submit a forfeit

Step 3: Provide a reason for your forfeit

Provide a reason for your forfeit, then click Continue to Payment. The forfeit is not confirmed until you pay. You can then check the amount to pay and click Continue to Pay.

Screenshot of submit forfeit page, where you need to provide a reason for your forfeit/walkover

Step 4: Make your payment

Enter your debit or credit card details to pay your forfeit fine. If your association charges forfeit fees depending on time of submission (e.g. less than 48 hours notice, more than 48 hours notice), this will be automatically calculated.

Click the Pay button to confirm payment. Once you do this, your primary team contact (provided when you registered your team for the season) will receive an SMS confirming the forfeit submission and payment. Please notify your team members.

The opposition team will receive an SMS notifying them of the forfeit, and your association will receive an email and SMS.

SMS notifications will be sent from 0437 735 605.

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