Forfeit / walkover is submitted via Teammo

If a team submits a forfeit/walkover using Teammo, and either team/s have paid for the game, we will automatically transfer the payment to their next unpaid game.

If there are no more games left, we will issue a refund. Refunds require us to direct debit from your bank account, before funds are deposited back to the card that was used for the original purchase. It can take up to 10 days for funds to be returned to the payee's card. We will communicate with you before any refunds are issued.

In the example below, Capital Hungry submitted a forfeit and the opposition team (Nature Trees) had already paid for the game. We will transfer Nature Trees payment to their next unpaid game. Their next game will show a Teammo tag (similar to the one below).

Screenshot of a match card from the payment dashboard

For more information on what teams see in their account, read this article.

Forfeit / walkover is submitted outside of Teammo

Teammo doesn't have visibility over forfeits that may be lodged outside of the platform. The best thing to do if a team contacts you to say they are unable to play is to either mark the team off as cancelled or a no-show. This can be done by clicking on the relevant match card in your payment dashboard, then clicking the 'Other' dropdown under the relevant team.

When you do this, we are able to transfer payments that may have already been made for the game (from with team) to their next unpaid game, or issue a refund if required.

Screenshot of payment dashboard, with a match card selected

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