Have you created a Teammo account for the first time? Or, perhaps you need a refresher in how to make the most of your account?

Below are some things you can do to set up your team in your Teammo account:

Do you need to add a new team to your account?

1. Log in or create an account via https://app.teammo.com.au/get-started.

2. Once you have signed up, you will see your team's dashboard. If you need to add another team to your account, click Teams in the menu.

A screenshot of the Teammo menu, with the 'Teams' menu item highlighted

3. On this page, you will see a list of all teams you create in your account. Simply click Create Team to set up another team in your account.

Screenshot of the Teams page in Teammo, where you can toggle between teams, and create new teams

4. Enter your team name and sporting code. Once you click Create Team, your team will be set up. You can add team members and connect to your association. You can toggle between teams in your account by visiting the Teams page.

Screenshot of the Create Team page in Teammo

Do you need to pay match fees to your league/association?

When you signed up, you may have already connected to your association. If not, you will need to connect your team here: https://app.teammo.com.au/connect-team.

Screenshot of the Connect Team page in Teammo, where you can connect your team to your association to see upcoming payments

Do you want to collect payments from team members using Teammo? Add team members to your team.

Once you have created a team, it's time to add team members to the team.

1. On the Manage Team page, click Add Team Member.

Screenshot of the Manage Team page in Teammo, where you can add/edit team members and request payments

2. Enter the name, email address (optional) and mobile number of each team member. You can add as many team members as you need. 

Screenshot of how to add a team member to your team, by entering name, mobile and email (optional)

3. Alternatively, you can click the Share Link button and share this with your team members. The link will allow them to add their own details.

Screenshot of the link team members can receive from team managers to enter their details. Once done, they will be added to your team in Teammo

Want to start collecting payments from your team? 

Before you do, make sure you've added your bank account details. For more information: http://help.teammo.com.au/en/articles/3529815-what-you-need-to-do-before-collecting-your-first-payment

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