When a team makes a match payment to your association, it will automatically display in your dashboard (see below). When you click on this match card, it will display payment details such as date paid and receipt reference.

Screenshot of the dashboard associations use, showing that a team has paid by Teammo for the match

If a team says they have paid, but it is not showing on your dashboard, there are a couple of things you can check:

1. Ask the team to show you their match payment receipt (available from their Teammo account).

Teams need to log in to their account, and in their dashboard, they should see their upcoming matches. Alternatively, they can go to the Matches page (accessible via the menu in their account). When they find the relevant match, they can click the 'View Receipt' button.

Their match card should look similar to this (showing Teammo paid).

Screenshot of a match already paid by a team manager

Their receipt will look similar to this:

Screenshot of a match receipt payment in Teammo

2. Check that the team has not accidentally requested payment from another player or themselves instead of paying for the match.

If a team manager has requested money for the match fee from themselves or another player, it will look like this in their account:

Screenshot of what it looks like when a team manager requests money from a team member

If a team shows you a screen like this, it means they have requested money from the person/s listed. This money is sent to the nominated bank account that the team manager has provided in their account.

If this has happened, the match has not been paid for via Teammo.

The team manager is required to go to the My Dashboard or Matches page in their account. The match card will look like this. They need to click 'Pay Now', then follow the prompts to finalise their payment.

Screenshot of an unpaid match in Teammo

If you or the team are still have issues, please contact support@teammo.com.au and we will assist.

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